IRasterAnalysisEnvironment - Syntax For GetCellSize - C# Ref args.

Discussion created by david.plume on Nov 6, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

My basic goal is to grab the raster analysis settings from ArcMap - I'd like to get the current extent and cellsize.

I"ve been attempting to use the IRasterAnalysisEnvironment interface and am able to hydrate my object by casting a math Operation class. 

I've run into a problem in Visual Studio 2010.  Intellisense is complaining about the my arguments to GetCellSize().  It says:

The best overloaded match for IRasterAnalysisEnvironment.GetCellsize(out esriRasterEnvSettingEnum, out double) has some invalid arguments


                IRasterAnalysisEnvironment pRasEnv = null;
                ESRI.ArcGIS.SpatialAnalyst.RasterMapAlgebraOp mathOp = new ESRI.ArcGIS.SpatialAnalyst.RasterMapAlgebraOpClass();
                pRasEnv = (IRasterAnalysisEnvironment)mathOp;

                ESRI.ArcGIS.GeoAnalyst.esriRasterEnvSettingEnum pEnvType;
                double dCellSize;

                pRasEnv.GetCellSize(pEnvType, dCellSize); // < INTELLISENSE DOES NOT LIKE THIS

Is there some problem with the definition of my arguments or otherwise?

Any suggestions would be appreciated;  I can find tons of examples for SetCellSize but none for GetCellSize.