Problems with ISymbologyControl LoadDesktopStyleFile and installed ArcGIS Desktop 10

Discussion created by AlexandrGeoinfo on Nov 6, 2012
Hello. I am sorry for my bad english. I use C++ and Qt framework for programm development. I call method
ISymbologyControl LoadDesktopStyleFile and receive error code: "1075 800a0433 : ArcGIS Desktop is not installed
on this machine so Style files cannot be read", but I have installed ArcGIS Desktop 10.0. I use
esriLicenseProductCodeArcEditor license product code for initialize license:
IAoInitializePtr ipInit(CLSID_AoInitialize);
esriLicenseStatus lic;

Program starts and works normally, but all of ArcObjects depends on ArcGIS Desktop don't work. When I used
ArcGIS 9.3 everything worked. I use
#import directive for use desktop libraries, such as:
#import "c:\\Program Files (x86)\\ArcGIS\\Desktop10.0\\com\\esriDisplayUI.olb" raw_interfaces_only 
raw_native_types no_namespace, named_guids  

for all required libraries. It works in 9.3 but doesn't work now in 10.0.
What is incorrect in my actions?