Insufficient Instructions to use Web Connector with ISA/TMG

Discussion created by mterry2 on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by mterry2
The instruction are not sifficent to configure the web adapter for use with a ISA or TMG box.  In prior version (10.0) Flexviewer could be loaded on the arcgis server and TMG/ISA needed only a publishing rule for the URL of the arcgis site.  Subdirectories for other arcgis services were also required as additional paths. 
With 10.1 If you install the web connector and create the same type of publishing rule in TMG/ISA pointing to the web adapter site you get nothing but errors.  If from inside you point to the same URL the flexviewer works fine.  It appears that there are additional rules that need to be added to TMG\ISA for the external user to reach services on the arec server 10.1 box.  We have found no documentation and ESRI support does not seem to understand the issue.