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Does it need crossdomain fix or something else?

Question asked by mbishopp on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by JGrondin-esristaff

I am trying to get .jpg images to show up in my pop-up media for a featureclass in this map:,6025785.93549813,-13578263.2854144,6054675.2811099 (Silverlight version) or this: (javascript viewer).  The images, like I said, are jpg.  I checked to make sure these were compatible between the different viewers.  According to this help doc: (close to the bottom) it says: Optionally enter the URL to an image. PNG, JPEG, and GIF images are supported (GIF images and HTTPS URLS are not supported in ArcGIS Explorer Online).  The website where these images are coming from is here: with some images called Infestation_High.jpg, Infestation_Low.jpg, etc.

The code used in the URL box of the pop-up media is:{InfestationLevel}.jpg.  The {InfestationLevel} is, of course, coming from a field in the featureclass table.

The images show in the popups of the Javascript ( map viewer, but not in the Silverlight (ArcGIS Explorer Online) map viewer.  These images also do not show in the native ArcGIS for Android OR ArcGIS for iOS apps.

Is this some sort of a crossdomain issue?  Or something else?