Is there an Electric Utility Data Model / UML Template Available?

Discussion created by jwfox1 on Nov 5, 2012
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My client is looking at building an Electric Utility Geodatabase from scratch (Transmission and Distribution) and as such we have collected GPS data of utility components (lines, substations, transformers, swicthes, poles and such) After an initial design meeting, our client has informed us that they wish to implement this geodatabase using the standard in ArcGIS Data Models: Electric Distribution (ArcInfo 8) because some of their third party software interface this standard.

This standard utility data model, as outlined in this document is quite complex and more complicated then the initial data prvided and as such it would be monumental effort for our database staff to key in this model from sratch by hand into ArcGIS. I know that other user community functional domains like hydrology and land management have canned data model templates that they can just load into ArcGIS and then just "plug" their features into them avoiding a lot of tedious up front work. However I cannot seem to find any such template for an Electric Utility data model; either Transmission or Distribution. All searches just points back to the dcoument mentioned.

Any resources to come up with such a template would be most helpful since we have a geodatabase model already in place sith the data recieved and would ideally like to just "plug" these features into the ESRI standard geodatabase model: which has many of the features and collections (like contraols, banks, supertypes..etc) which our model does not track at the momment.

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-James Fox