Getting an??? 001270 error : Consolidating the data failed.??? while publishing @ AGS101

Discussion created by sunilpalkar on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by gilest
Hello All,

I am getting an error "001270 error".

I am inserting table for sql-server database and joining few records to polygon layer

also I have lat,Lon data in few tables so I am displaying data using "Display x,y values" and publishing all data into arcgis server 10.1 (using ArcGIs Desktop 10.1)

While publishing I was getting above error..

also my database & folders are registered in ArcGIS Server (through ArcCatlog I did this)

I found following article which explain that it might  bug  . ..                                                        Link : ..but I am not sure..

So any help regarding this will be great..thanks in advance : )