One-ways only for digitized direction?  Or other options?

Discussion created by higgicd on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by nhanson83
Hello, we have a detailed road network that unique as it is tied to link-level congestion.  However, it wasn't originally digitized to be used as a network in ArcMap.

The problem concerns the digitized directions of the links.  Each side of a typical road for example has two parallel line links, but the digitized directions of these links seems to be random.

Due to attributes within the file itself (i.e. Northbound, Southbound), we can determine which side of the road it is.

But creating a network requires changing the attributes for each link's direction.

Is there a way to ignore the digitized direction when setting up one-way restrictions?  For example, rather than From-To or To-From, can the network be set up so that links with the one-way attribute of 1 can travel only to other 1s, 2s to 2s, with a neutral 0 category where directionality is not restricted?