Output parameters datatype in script tool v. model builder question

Discussion created by kfouch on Nov 1, 2012
Just put together a quick script tool in 10.1, in the script tool parameter properties I define my output as derived, multiple value = yes, and the datatype is a raster layer.   I wanted to use this tool in model builder but when I added the tool I noticed that it wasn't visually showing the multiple outputs image.  So I checked the properties of the output via model builder, under the general tab, the radio button for single value is selected, and under data type multiple value is listed, not raster layer.  I went back to the script tool properties and changed it to multiple value = no, and checked the properties again in model builder.  In this case everything was correct, general tab - the single value radio button is selected and under the data type tab I see my actual data type which is raster layer.

My question is: if I set my script tool multiple value property to yes, shouldn't that be reflected in the properties of the output of that tool within model builder, that is the radio button under the general tab should be "a list of values" and my data type should still be raster layer?  Am I missing something?  It definitely does not seem like my data type should be "multiple values."

Any insight is greatly appreciated.