Should I..?

Discussion created by robert.holt on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by schogo
Should I take a couple of Environmental Geography/GIS classes? I'm really not into it, but I feel as if the majority of GIS jobs revolve around the physical and environmental side of the world. I am more into the cultural/human aspect. I plan to take Crime Geography and I'm currently minoring in Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology and a B.S. in GIS. I am aiming for becoming a Crime Analyst, but in pursuing that career I planned to do some GIS work for other companies first as I will work towards getting a Crime Analyst Certification. I know my school has Environmental Applications in GIS offered next semester whereas Cultural Applications in GIS is offered in the Fall. Should I take an environmental course just to have some background with it, even though it's nothing I'm interested in?