Feet to Decimal Degrees function

Discussion created by clm42 on Oct 31, 2012
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If there is a quicker way to do this conversion let me know (but I will still finish this for the fun of it regardless :D). I was looking for a way to take the state plane coords in feet from a polygon centroid and convert to decimal degrees. I found this post from 2002 which has a funtion to do just that. Its in VB but the trouble isn't converting that over to Python, its that I cant find all of the constants I need.

The script is for Washington State South NAD27 and I use Florida State North NAD83. The constants are all in the projection file for Florida North NAD83 except the major radius and the eccentricity. I looked in the projection file for NAD83 and saw that it is built on the GRS1980 spheroid. The Wikipedia page for that spheroid doesn't have those values and there isn't and page dedicated to the values for NAD83. At lease the GRS1980 values which seem to be the ones I may need are named differently from the script so I cant tell if they are the right ones. Any help? I will post this once I get it converted for anyone to steal for their own projects.