Multiview table gone after versioning

Discussion created by nikatoras on Oct 30, 2012
I have issue with multiview created by sdetable command..
We have Feature Class which has it's attribute fields updated from third-party application.
For this reason multiversioned view was created and updates there performed by this type of SQL command:
EXEC sde.set_current_version 'sde.DEFAULT'
EXEC sde.edit_version 'sde.DEFAULT', 1
UPDATE 'FeatureClass_multiView' SET...
EXEC sde.edit_version 'sde.DEFAULT', 2

Problem occurred after one of my colleagues unregistered 'FeatureClass' as Versioned and then
registered it again. After this multiview table 'FeatureClass_MultiView' was gone.

Question is what is the best solution to prevent it from happening again?
Do we always have to recreate multiview after this unregister/register operation?