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Focal Statistics freezes

Question asked by amilt on Oct 30, 2012
I am trying to calculate the focal mean of a raster in ArcMap. When I do, Focal Statistics minimizes to the background and then nothing happens. I am watching my CPU usage and it does not budge, indicating that ArcGIS is doing nothing. I am not sure how to trace this problem, since my only way to prematurely end the tool is to force quit ArcMap (cancelling focal statistics from the Results window doesnt help, further indicating that it is frozen).

Some details

  • have tried 4 different rasters (big, small, sparse, dense)

  • have tried in both ArcMap and from Python

  • have tried running in foreground and background

  • have tried multiple output directories and output names

Any suggestions as to how I track this problem?

Has anyone else had the same problem?

SOLUTION: It turns out the problem was trivially solved. I just restarted my computer. My guess is that Spatial Analyst was checked out after I ran some scripts and somehow didnt get checked back in. I say this because I subsequently tried to run Euclidean Distance and it also hung in the same fashion. I hope this helps someone. I have not checked if this is the culprit.