Access all SOE/ArcSOC Processes?

Discussion created by jmachamer on Oct 30, 2012
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I am caching some information inside of my SOE that I want to be able to clear on demand.  When running a single process on the Map Service it is quite easy to do using a REST end point on the SOE.  However, when the number of processes increase there is no way that I know of to hit each instance of the SOE that is running. 

Certainly I could restart the Map Service to guarantee each of the SOE instances clears out it's cache, but that leaves me with potential downtime that I would like to avoid.

Anyone know of an interface that would allow accessing each of the SOE instances on a map service?  I've looked through some of the Object Model pdfs but haven't come up with anything. 

I'd prefer to avoid having to have a separate service running on the machine that each SOE instance has to register with upon startup as I feel like there should be a way to do this through ESRI interfaces...

Ideas or Thoughts?

Jeff Machamer