Is it possible to call   RegionBuffer (a coverage command) from arcpy?

Discussion created by rastrauch Champion on Oct 29, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by rastrauch
The buffer command in Desktop 10.1 is giving me bad results (circles around random vertices instead of to the "right" of a segment).  If I export back to a coverage and use the Regionbuffer command it works the way it shold.  But because this is part of a larger python script,

I was hoping to be able to call this command, i.e.
Arc: regionbuffer <in cover>  <out cover>  trans # # <buffer-dist>  # line flat right # # newuniqid

from within my .py script.  i know that I would make a separate tool to run an AML (which MAY be my only solution), but was hoping someone knew how to just all an "ARC" command from within.  Similar to how you would call multiple INFO commands within an AML.

A challenge for those that remember AML and have arcpy/python knowledge.  :)     Any suggestions?     I will go the separate AML/toolbutton route if needed.

thanks in advance.