Getting land cover percentages from lulc?

Discussion created by ncguy131 on Oct 28, 2012
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Hey all,

I am currently doing a thesis project in which I am classifying the LULC for a particular region. Within that region there are 33 sites which serve as survey areas. So my question is, after I have classified the image for LULC using supervised classification with maximum likelihood analysis, how do I go about determining the land use percentage inside each of the 33 survey sites. For example all 33 sites will be a circle with a 2km radius, and within that circle 100% of it is classified to some type of land cover. So I want to know how I can go about finding out exactly what types of cover make up that 100%. So at site 1 it could be 33% forest, 22% water, 5% urban, and 40% grassland and site 2 could be 25% water, 25% forest, 20% urban, and 30% marsh. So how exactly can I use an analysis to determine the percentages that are inside the circle? or what analysis/package can I use to do this. I have access to ENVI and ArcGIS 10

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