How to plot points with highest decimal accuracy

Discussion created by purid on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by arekmatoszka
I am trying to read input of lat and long to draw the shape based on condition.The input is standard array of lat and long with 15 decimal accuracy. I am realizing - I am loosing some decimal accuracy (the point was somewhat offsite and complex polygons were never drawn). The samples are here:

point: [[[-81.00392112682097,46.50255058560673]]]

the plotted point is: -81.003906 46.502686 and I am generating PDF maps at 1:3000 scale so it is a big deal.

polygon: [[[-79.37485174735863,43.6430783790403],[-79.37361793121188,43.64341222822559],[-79.37323169311376,43.64261253986735],[-79.374186559523,43.64234079868168],[-79.37412218650664,43.64220880966229],[-79.37454061111293,43.64210787668709],[-79.37471227248987,43.64248831547784],[-79.37463717063745,43.64251160757044],[-79.37481956085045,43.64285322389105],[-79.37470154365381,43.642884279823875],[-79.37485174735863,43.6430783790403]]]

I used eval to read input as list, but probably that was not a good idea. Not sure how and where should I cast the input as decimal?

OrderCoord =  eval(arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0))
point = arcpy.Point()
array = arcpy.Array()
 # A list that will hold each of the Polygon objects 
featureList = []
for feature in OrderCoord:
    # For each coordinate pair, set the x,y properties and add to the 
    #  Array object.
    for coordPair in feature:
        point.X = coordPair[0]
        point.Y = coordPair[1]

    if OrderType.lower()== 'point':
    feaERIS = arcpy.Multipoint(array)
    elif OrderType.lower() =='polyline':
    feaERIS  = arcpy.Polyline(array)    
    else :
    feaERIS = arcpy.Polygon(array)
    # Clear the array for future use

    # Append to the list of Polygon objects