Junction Problems (Service area) in Network Analyst

Discussion created by mikebulleye on May 26, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2011 by jasperschipperijn
Hello Network Analyst friends :) ,
I am working on a hierarchical line feature in ArcMap. It is a road network that some guys did, for a very large area. I transform this line feature into a NetwordDataset. Then, when performing a Service Area from a certain point, I notice that many of the lines are not connected (empty zones, lines not flooded), though at a first look, they seem connected. There are hundreds on unconnected roads like that in this feature.
I tried to snap it manually but i don't know which of them are not connected (I can't zoom in 30 times for each node). The networkDataSet provides automatically a Junction feature BUT! junction is unsderstood also as an end of a line (weird..) and not only as Real intersections as I would have thought.. So, it does not help..

a. is there a way to visualize real junctions (X or T cross shape  between two roads)?
b. is there a way to do automatic snapping from all line Ends (or Vertexes) to closest Edges that are within, let's say 200 yards?

Thank you for you support.