Trace tool problems in ArcHydro 2.1/ArcGIS 10.1

Discussion created by marzolff on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by cdartiguenave-esristaff
Has anyone had problems with using the "trace feature by NextDownID" in the latest ArcHydro version (2.1) under ArcGIS 10.1? I have created an ArcHydro Network and try to select catchment polygons by tracing upstream from a HydroJunction, as well as select drainage lines by tracing upstream from a downstream segment. In all cases, only the HydroJunction or drainage line segment I have clicked with the trace tool gets selected, nothing upstreams.
I have used this tool in the same way ever so often under ArcGIS 10 with earlier ArcHydro versions and never had problems. Couold this be a new bug?

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