token used in the map service URL

Discussion created by charlescao on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by charlescao
I published a map service yesterday. At the beginning there was only a Service Definition without the map service of the same name, then I close SSL and open SSL (sing in/out) again, then publish the service and created tiles.

But the URL has used token, like as:

And there is no token information in URL for the feature service which I published before, like as:

Is it right? why is there any diferrent with token?

Additional, the projection of  the original imagery before publishing is the same with other features (NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_17N,Projection: Transverse_Mercator, Spatial Reference: 26917) , but it changed to WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere (spatial reference: 102100) automatically, which is same as basemap (streets, topographic, Bing...) in ArcGIS Online.

Is there any effect for web map application?