Changing Data Store Names / Problem creating new store

Discussion created by greenbr on Oct 25, 2012
Good morning,

I have two kinda related questions.  I have two ArcGIS 10.1 Servers running on RHEL 6.3 in a cluster.  They both access a shared drive on a third server using a CIFS mount.

My questions:

Under Data Stores, a number of folders are registered that use mixed case.  There recently was a decision to change all these to use only lower case - is there a way to change them without needing to delete and re-create them?

I have a request for a new folder.  When I try to register it, I get an error that the ArcGIS cannot access the folder - but from the console as the ArcGIS user I can.  There are credentials required when mapping that drive - could that be the issue? And if it could be, how do I supply them?

I say these are kinda related because if I have to remove and re-create these, I'm going to run into the access problem!

Thanks for your help,