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Tiled map servics - How does it work ?

Question asked by maly on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by maly

I have tile map service with some tiles defined like below (part):

level = 4; scale = 500000;
level = 5; scale = 250000;
level = 6; scale = 100000;

When I am zooming near scale 250000 or exactly zoom to scale 250000 i see that map requests for tile 6 !! with is defined for scale 100000. I checked with other scales and tile's level is always one more than I would expected.

After some tests I noticed that on iPads (no matter which version) inluding simulator requesting tile level is 5 - and that is ok. But on all iPhones (except iphone5 - didn't test) including simulator requesting level is still 6. There must be some error in SDK.

It can be easily verified even on sample attached to installation package of SDK for iOS.

Does anyone know why is it happen ? Any ideas ?
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