Visual Studio 2010, ArcGIS10.1 -- Arcmap has stopped working

Discussion created by dplume on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by tomas1
Hi Everyone,

I recently upgraded to 10.1 and thus Visual Studio 10.  I've been working creating an Arcmap Add-in.  I'm finding that when I start my Add-in project pointing to an existing Arcmap document Arcmap will crash as it loads the document showing an "Arcmap has stopped working" dialog.

Initially, (i.e.  over the past couple of days) I did not encounter this problem.  It emerged seemingly randomly.   I've found that I can start my Add-in fine if I don't point at an .mxd in the debugger command line arguments.  Arcmap even crashes when pointing to a very clean brand-new empty .mxd.

I've even found the problem persists when I create a brand new Add-in with no added code or references.  I've tried both C# and VB.NET projects.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and especially thanks in advance for any recommended solutions!