Uploading Base Maps to ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by dkuzminski on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2013 by ninabean
The functionality that is already in place on the Map Viewer is fantastic.
The base maps that are available are also great, however they cover the entire earth.
Load times need to be faster on, moderate to slow internet speeds.

I would ideally prefer to use the existing base maps just at a more localized area such as a state or town.
This would make a search for 226 main street identify the correct location without having to add the town and state abbreviation. Currently if you search without an exact address your likely to end up some where in Eastern Europe.

If taking a subset of the base maps is not an option then how does one add their own base map to ArcGIS online.

I am in a situation where I am the only person within my town that has an able handle at using the map tools. The maps I set-up can be useful to others within the municipality, but need to be need to be "Point and Click" or "Search and hit Enter". Believe it or not, typing in "Portland, CT" for every search becomes bothersome.

Kevin Armstrong
GIS Intern Town of Portland CT