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How to get time interval info on a time enabled layer

Question asked by aafgilbert01 on Oct 23, 2012

I have used a generic code sample in silverlight that was meant to display time enabled layer with timeslider. This sample was great.

However, I am having a big problem because ArcGIS SDK allow me to get the time extent but not the "time interval" of a time enabled layer that I have produced as a map package.

Because of that, I need to make a patch and store the time interval somewhere in the layer. I would like to know in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK samples, there is an example in "Mapping/Dynamic Map Layers/Layer List". On that example, in the legend, when we move the mouse over the layer called "USA", I see the tooltip "ESRI Data & Maps, Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, USA".

Can someone tell me where that tooltip text is store in the layer and how I can retreive it to work around the time interval problem. I will store the string "Interval=6" to be able to set my time slider interval to 6 hours afterward.