Debug Python Toolbox

Discussion created by dslamb on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Dan_Patterson
I like the idea of Python Toolboxes, but I have to admit implementing them is not very easy.  I'm trying to add a simple toolbox (perhaps simple should be in quotes?) and get a dreaded big red x through the script.  According to the help:

A tool icon that has been replaced with an error icon (Invalid Script) indicates a failure in the tool. To see an explanation of the problem, right-click the toolbox and click Why. This opens a Python Errors dialog box, which provides the error type and line number. This will cover errors in the tool's __init__, getParameterInfo, or isLicensed methods.

Unfortunately, when I do this there is no "Why".  I can check the toolbox for syntax errors but there are none.  How can find out what is wrong with my code?

Also, I tried to search the forums, but no results are returned.  Am I missing the ability to search individual forums such as the python forum, or is that not implemented either?

Thanks for any guidance.