Manual Publishing service inside ArcGIS Server Manager 10.1

Discussion created by consodata2 on Oct 23, 2012
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HI to all,
im trying to publish manually a service manually inside arcgis server 10.1 manager using a .sd file created with arcmap 10.1.
The operation i made are the following:

1) inside arcmap 10.1 ... share as service , save a service definition file (No available connection and flag on "include data in service definition...."

2) copy the .sd file created in this way, on arcgis server 10.1 machine in a local server directory (c:\data). IMP: on the c:\data directory i've put read and write permission on arcgis server account

3) inside arcgis server manager register folder c:\data

4) publish manually after choose sd. file from disk.....

... the system is working for a long time and look like "not responding".... duribng the message .... wait. coping of service definition .....

For additional information inside arcmap 10.1 the service published using share as service with connection work fine.

Thanks a lot