Geocoding offset

Discussion created by fredhejazi on Oct 22, 2012
This seems like a simple question, but I am not finding the answer.  Normally, when you geocode, you want the result to be on the correct side of the street off set by some distance from the centerline.  Even if you can't specify the offset, the result should be on the edge of the road, like it is when you use Google's Geocoder. 

I have looked for a way to set the off set on ESRI's locator consistently, but it seems like it wants to put it on the centerline most of the time.  There does not seem to be any logic to why and when it does that.  100 main st. in Annapolis is in the centerline, while 101 is correctly off set. 

Does any one know how to get the point on the correct side of the street.

Here is the example I was trying.