I can not save a "raster" output within a file geodatabase using Python

Discussion created by eltopo on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by rzufelt
Hi friends,

I am using the command CopyRaster in Python, and I need to save the output raster file into a geodatabase that was previously created.

your path is:

outLoc = "C :/ Users/gualberto.hernandez/Desktop/MM5/VISUALIZACION/TEST 6/test6.gdb /"

and I'm stating the command like this:

arcpy.CopyRaster_management (nowFile, outLoc + rast, "", "", "", "NONE", "NONE", "")

Where "rast" is a value that will be changing, the script works iteratively.

I get the following error:

<class'arcgisscripting.ExecuteError'> Runtime error: ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Failed to execute (CopyRaster).

The strange thing is that if for folders stored in the raster perfectly,

Someone can suggest something to fix the error.

I will be awaiting your response.