Discussion created by tadvtcgit on Oct 22, 2012
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I'm trying to use the TimeSlider with a TemporalRenderer, to display some motion tracks.  My code was working fine in version 2.8 of the Javascript API, but I just recently tried to move to version 3.2, and found that my code didn't work entirely.

I've created a generalized / de-identified example to illustrate my problem, with a v2.8 page, and a v3.2 page.  Click Request to load the points.  (Note:  I'm working in Firefox 16.0.1.)

Version 2.8: http://www.cgit.vt.edu/projectwebs/tadtest/timeslider/testv28.html

Version 3.2: http://www.cgit.vt.edu/projectwebs/tadtest/timeslider/testv32.html

I'm having two issues the v3.2 example.  First, the points aren't connected by the trackRenderer.  Second, grabbing the middle part of the timespan on the timeSlider to shift the displayed time window doesn't work exactly, there seems to be a displacement / shift between where I grab, and where the bar is moving to.

(I realize that neither example works in IE, but I think that's a different problem, and not what I'm focused on right now.)