Setup SSL and WebAdaptor on EC2

Discussion created by mschonlau on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by drewdowling
If I want to setup SSL on my EC2 10.1 server, do I need to add my wildcard certificate to IIS or can I just add it through the ArcGIS Server Admin tool? Or both?

If I also want to use the Web Adaptor, should install it for both port 80 and port 443? In what order should I install my SSL certificate, register it with ArcGIS Admin, and install the Web Adaptor? Does it matter?

I have read all of the 10.1 help documents and I am still a bit fuzzy on this. I've had some problems already not being able to access the web adaptor config page and getting locked out of the admin and manager pages altogether.

Thanks, Mike