Stopping model Generation at a given level

Discussion created by thyandrecardoso on Oct 20, 2012
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Is there a straightforward way to create videos like the one bellow with CityEngine?

To to that, I've broken a single CGA file into multiple ones, each one having further rule definitions. Then, I imported all of those files -- like 20 files --- into a the "main" rule file. The main rule file had a attr that indicated which imported file to use in order to generate the building.
Using python, I gone through all the possible values for that attr. After each model generation, I took a snapshot (using the API also..)

Well... this is cumbersome ... and I can imagine writing a simple CGA parser for this, that could change the rule file on-the-fly and put a "." (dot) at appropriate locations, thus replicating the result of "physically" breaking the original rule file into several files...

Does CityEngine offer some functionality to do this kind of animations?
Any input on all of this?

Thank you.