Creating network matrix from a shapefile -- please help!

Discussion created by johnerichumphries on Oct 19, 2012

I am relatively new to arcmaps and GIS data so please forgive my ignorance or if I do not use the right words to describe my problem. If this is already discussed somewhere, directing me to the discussion would be greatly appreciated!

I have a shapefile which contains all the block groups for a city. I would like to use this shape file to extract the information about which block groups are touching each other.

This is a network, as each block group is touching a series of other block groups, and ideally I would like to create an N by N data matrix where N is the number of block groups and the matrix contains 1 in the Jth column of the Kth row if block group J is touching block group K and 0 if they do not touch. 

More generally, any type of output which reports which block groups touch each particular block group would be very useful.

Again, I really appreciate the Help!