ArcGIS Server GeoData services/ArcMap compatibility question

Discussion created by jdb1a1 on Oct 19, 2012
If I publish a geodata service that uses an ArcSDE 10.1 geodatabase, and then also the analogous map service with arcgis server 10.1, and tell people is a diverse range of organizations all over the world to add the map service to an MXD file in ArcMap and use the distributed database tools to store local copies of the data, does the person that wants to extract the data locally also have to be using ArcMap 10.1?  Or will it work with prior versions of ArcMap?  In other words, can I extract geodata locally from a 10.0 client that is looking at a geodata service that relies on 10.1 data?  I konw that the limitation exists in the desktop world, but am unsure if that limitation carries over to the server level.