Simplify Polygon is hanging.

Discussion created by FionaG on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by dlee-esristaff
My polygon featureclass (in a file geodb) has 1531 polygons. It was originally created from a raster so the linework is blocky. I have already eliminated all tiny polygons, dissolved, repair geometry.

I am trying to run Simplify Polygon as follows:
CA.SimplifyPolygon (inStands, simpStands1, "POINT_REMOVE", 2, 2000, "RESOLVE_ERRORS")

I have tried it with different parameters and it still hangs. If I choose "NO_CHECK" instead of "RESOLVE_ERRORS", it runs very fast, but just creates a huge mess - not only slivers, but some of the original linework is still there doubled up with the new linework - it's like it didn't really finish. "RESOLVE_ERRORS" does a beautiful job on a subarea, but hangs on the whole file. It hangs at the stage "Assembling Features". It has created some temporary line feature files but the output featureclass is still empty. It hangs forever and I have no choice but to crash it.

I had the same problem with another similar file, but eventually I got it to run at the above settings.
I can't go any higher with the point remove tolerance or the lines get too generalized.

I really need to simplify these polygons. Splitting it up is a last resort as the edgematching after simplify and smooth will be ugly.