Query Table FAIL!

Discussion created by KevinBellSLC on Oct 19, 2012
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Can anyone see any obvious blunders on my first query table?

import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = r'E:\gis\ims\20121017_UTA_processingMethod\Temp\qt.gdb'

    tableList = ["routes","stops",'stoptimes','trips']

    fieldList = [['stoptimes.stop_id', 'stop_id'],
                  ['stoptimes.stop_code', 'stop_code'],
                  ['stoptimes.stop_name', 'stop_name'],
                  ['stoptimes.stop_desc', 'stop_desc'],
                  ['stoptimes.stop_lon', 'stop_lon'],
                  ['stoptimes.stop_lat', 'stop_lat'],
                  ['stops.route_id', 'route_id'],
                  ['stops.short_name', 'short_name'],
                  ['trips.direction_id', 'direction_id']]    

    whereClause = ''' select distinct stop_id, stop_code, stop_name, stop_desc,route_id, route_short_name, direction_id, stop_lon, stop_lat  where trip_id = trip_id and route_id = route_id and stop_id = stop_id order by route_short_name, direction_id'''
    lyrName = "StopsQuery"
    arcpy.MakeQueryTable_management(tableList, lyrName,"NO_KEY_FIELD", None, fieldList, whereClause)
    print arcpy.GetCount_management(lyrName)
    Fields = arcpy.ListFields(lyrName)
    for field in Fields:
    arcpy.CopyRows_management(lyrName, r"E:\gis\ims\20121017_UTA_processingMethod\Temp\TEST.dbf")
except Exception, e:
    # If an error occurred, print line number and error message
    import traceback, sys
    tb = sys.exc_info()[2]
    print "Line %i" % tb.tb_lineno
    print e.message

Line 32
ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
An invalid SQL statement was used. [StopsQuery]
An invalid SQL statement was used.
An invalid SQL statement was used.
Failed to execute (MakeQueryTable).