Basemap unavailable so entire map contents are gone

Discussion created by amrdetty on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by aktootle
The census reference basemap I was using for an online map we share with our customers became unavailable today for some unknown reason.  When I went to open the map after getting word that people were getting errors in opening it, I got the same error that the basemap was unavailable.  Then, when I opened the map, all contents were also deleted from the map.

I verified that I was the last person to edit/save the map.  My biggest concern is that it took me an additional 2-3 hours this morning to upload all the shape and point files once again and set the symbols and pop-ups like I had them once I set a new basemap.  Why when the basemap becomes unavailable does all the content disappear as well? 

I love using the system, but often set this user-created basemap because I would like to have LABELED census boundaries as the basemap for our maps and this is one of the few available.  This whole issue could be resolved if I could label my own features through the online system.  I was extremely frustrated this morning that when the basemap becomes unavailable for whatever reason, everything on my online map is deleted and I must spend a good deal of time recreating the content.