SuppressResizeDrawing not working correctly

Discussion created by ccposton on Oct 18, 2012
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Whenever I try to resize my form when I have a huge number of visible features in the map control, the form stops responding for a few seconds. I read about using SuppressResizeDrawing to prevent the control from redrawing while it was resizing. I have tried the examples shown in the docs, but it doesn't work for me. Can someone tell me what I'm doing incorrectly?

This is the code I currently have. I have a tab control on my form, and have the map on one page, and the page layout control on another page.

protected override void OnResizeBegin(EventArgs e)
 map.SuppressResizeDrawing(true, 0);
 page.SuppressResizeDrawing(true, 0);

protected override void OnResizeEnd(EventArgs e)
 map.SuppressResizeDrawing(false, 0);
 page.SuppressResizeDrawing(false, 0);