Allow to create new features in ArcSDE Geodatabase with ArcView 10.0?

Discussion created by nikatoras on Oct 17, 2012
Hello everyone,

I'm developing new tool using ArcObjects 10.0, which will be used to create new features.
The problem is that this tool is supposed to be used in ArcView 10.0, and new features should be created in ArcSDE geodatabase.
I'm searching for best solution to this problem..

I'm thinking about:
1. Allowing to create feature in a local shapefile with ArcView (will need to upload shapefile to the ArcSDE database and this should be done automatically.. And could it be done with only ArcView license on the computer which will perform the data transfer?)
2. Provide employee with ArcEditor license (the easy way)
3. Create features directly to the database using SQL queries (the hard way)

Looking for ideas.. :)