The Application of Interpolation Technique to Market Research

Discussion created by jathank on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by mboeringa2010
Hi All,

I know the interpolation tools in ArcGIS are widely used for the estimation of weather condition and other environmental area.

However, I am wondering if it is appropriate to apply interpolation techniques to the area of market research. For example, I have some survey data of individuals' willingness to purchase a certain product in the given study area. After I geocode those individuals, I wonder if I can create a prediction map to predict the location of the potential customers in the study area.

I understand you have to meet certain assumptions such as auto-correlation and normal distribution to conduct interpolation. But let's assume my data are pretty robust, any thoughts on the appropriateness of using interpolation in this case?

As always, your inputs are much appreciated.