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Feature Layer and a Graphics Layer?!?

Question asked by ajweier on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by ajweier
Hi All,

I am running into a very confusing issue. I have a map service with about 45 layers and 5 tables. I am creating feature layers based on a drop down chosen by the user. Then, after the feature layer is displayed on screen, the user can select a feature on the map and see attribute data in a dashboard-like div.

Problem is: I cannot seem to remove layers from the map, they just keep piling up. I know this by using the map.graphicLayersIds.length function and logging the id.

so my question is, am i piling up graphicslayers and featurelayers? Are they one and the same? Am I trying to remove the wrong thing?

I've seen some other issues posted regarding map.removeLayer but none of those solutions has helped me.

Appreciate any feedback!