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Displaying multiple information on map

Question asked by crescal on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by m.gasior
Hi guys I'm really new to the arcGIS and spatial analysis and encountering the following porblem:

I have a map base and a dataset to define the boundries of districts in my city. I have quite a lot of statistics (e.g. population, median income) for each of the districts. Previously i used the "polygon to raster" function to display a single statistic on the map. HoweverI don't know which function could help me visualise two (or more) statistics at the same time on map.

I have seen some graphs to represent two statistiscs in this way: on the map, the first statistic is used to colour the districts, while the other statistic is used to colour circles hovering above the districts. Could anyone tell me how to do this (or other ways to display multiple stats) please?

Thanks a lot!