Adapt tutorial 11 rules to sloped buildings/ lots

Discussion created by p0779865 on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by p0779865
I posted this message earlier in the General Discussion forum, but I guess this is more suitable. Lately, I have been trying to adapt the tutorial 11 rules (i.e. reporting_02 & reporting_03) to sloped buildings. For this purpose, I have used your VolumeStrategies.cga rule and tried to apply it on reporting_02.cga but to no avail.
I think the problem, as you mentioned in another post is at the level of comp(f) and split (y) as I have not been able to write the correct sentence/code. Maybe something to do with scope.sy and yDim. I'm not using them correctly.
My extrusion is fine, and my floors are straight thanks to world.y but I still get a sloped roof and weird shaped top floors.
Can you please help using reporting_02.cga as example?