Frustration with lack of Post Install with SDE

Discussion created by erike on Oct 16, 2012
I'd like to express how frustrated I am with the lack of an SDE Post Installation option with 10.1

I'm inheriting multiple databases that are currently running SDE 9.3. This databases are migrating to a new server running SQL Server 2012 and SDE 10.1. The plan was simply to backup the SQL 2008 SDE 9.3 databases and restore them on the new server running SQL Server 2012, install SDE, and run the post installer to register the databases with SDE given the instances/ports we had set up on 9.3. The SDE configuration looked as though it would take a few minutes.

To my dismay, there is no longer a post-install option and it now needs to be done with either command-line tools, or with ArcGIS Desktop? Since ArcSDE and ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS for Desktop are all on different servers, this becomes a challenging task. Why couldn't you just include the post-install?

Something that should have taken an hour or more to configure and get the services running, now requires multiple calls to my Network Administrators, reading numerous articles on how best to set up an SDE service, none of which are step-by-step for my particular scenario, and now calls into customer support, who won't even support me because they are processing our maintenance that expired a week or so ago.

Maybe I'm the only one... But I have a hard time believing that.