Using a tab control in a custom rendering property page doesn't work

Discussion created by lisasingerman on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by lisasingerman
I have a custom renderer (IComPropertyPage, IComEmbeddedPropertyPage, IRendererPropertyPage) in .NET in which command buttons do not work when they are placed on tab controls.

I can place a command button on the GUI form, or on a panel control on the form - and these buttons work. They open a Text Symbol Editor or other type of symbology editor from DisplayUI.

But if I place a small tab control on the exact same form, and put a button on the tab control, with the exact same execution code, the application hangs after clicking this button and has to be shut down.

Has anyone else tried this? Are tab controls supposed to work when used in a custom property page? Is this a bug?

I am upgrading an application, and the form would be pretty time-consuming to make work without a tab control.

Thanks for any help!