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Slow Search Performance on Data in File Geodatabase

Question asked by alantoms on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by alantoms
Hello Folks,

We are running into a search performance issue.  I have read previously that a file geodatabase has better performance than data stored in SDE; though I can???t seem to find the Help page at the moment.   Ok so we setup our services to read from a file geodatabase and the drawing performance does seem to be faster than SDE. 

We run into a problem with a web app that is doing a parcel search.  There is a text box that a user enters the parcel number then clicks the search button.  If the parcel service is pointed at the file geodatabase it takes 13+ seconds to return results.  If the parcel service is pointed at SDE it takes about 1-2 seconds.  It is the exact same data and the field we are searching on is indexed.

Any suggestions?

Thank you