Wants to create Onclick event to select particular state

Discussion created by sunilpalkar on Oct 15, 2012
Hello All,

Good Morning,

My 1 st problem :

I am working on US states layer (created map service in AGS 10.1). Now trying to highlight a state on  a mouse click..

for ex. let's say I have one point  in California  state so if I click on that point the California state should be highlighted and comes to center of the box (Map window).

Currently looking this type of example but I am not able get similar type of example in JSAPI. I am new to the  Development according to my logic code should be

function identifyFeatures(evt) { ---some code----}

My 2nd problem :

I am really  frustrated..I gone through "Getting started to AGS_JSAPI" pdfs (good material for beginners) but not able to identify the exact requirement  how should I write the code according to requirement I mean the examples are good but I am not able to customize it according to clients requirement.

Any help/suggestion/Workflow is highly appreciated..

Thank you in advance..