Creating a Network / Accessability

Discussion created by chrismeister on Oct 14, 2012
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Hello everybody,

i must say that i'm a network analyst beginner. I need to model accessability for Tram-Stations (Only Pedestrian!). So my base-data (data based on OSM) is

the street-network (without motor- and highways)
the rail network
the footways
and the Tram-Stations as points

I tried to create a mulitnodal network, but like in the network analyst tutorial (Exercise 2:, there are no attributes created automatically. I think this is because of the missing information in the attribute table of the base-data. i read through the arcgis help, but i found nothing about the requirements of creating a multimodal network.

With which attributes i have to start with, before i can create a multimodal network (like in Excerise 2)??
i hope someone understands my problem and can help me a little bit (sorry for my english)

Best wishes,

PS: i tried to find (and get) the tutorial data to train a litte bit with it, but the customer care of arcgis is not very helpful (resp. i'm not able to get data from there).