Advanced Symbology Sample not working

Discussion created by tamirkonor on Oct 14, 2012
I'm  new to esri but i was asked to check for some product functionality

In the Advanced Symbology sample when the app gets to the line :
  processor = new MessageProcessor(DictionaryType.MIL2525C, groupLayer,mapsDir.getAbsolutePath());
where maps dir is the correct path were I have extracted the file : 2525cSymDictionary_v2.0.zip
the application exits with no error , looks like a memory crash.

if i leave the regular path where it doesn't find the files i get the filenotfound exception

The test device is 2.3.3 factory version
no rooting or changes.
samsung s2
all other resources loaded from the SD are working fine.

Please help I can't find replication to my problem .

Thank you