Importing obj/dae from Sketchup

Discussion created by obrjo181 on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by cc3dinc
So I've been attempting to import some models into the new CityEngine 2012.1 from Sketchup and have been running into some issues.

1) Firstly, when I import as an obj file it looses all my textures.
2) When I bring it in as a collada dae it maintains most of the textures (although the glass seems to come out wrong) but it also has all the excess lines from sketchup which I don't really want in my model. (Note: I am not bringing the models in as static because I want to be able to modify part, does this make a difference?)
3) Had another issue with collada in that I brought a model through which was fairly large but as soon as I imported it, my cityEngine closed. It did this twice so I'm really not sure what was wrong with that import. When I reexported it as a smaller model from Sketchup and imported it it seemed to work, is there a file limit on imports or something?
4) Also when I imported two models that I'd exported from Sketchup seperately into CityEngine the buildings were imported at different heights, why was this?
5) Also am still having issues with importing them at the correct projection.

Thanks! :)