Vehicle Routing Problem (trash collection and vector control routes)

Discussion created by sadlerc on May 25, 2010
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Hello All,

I am currently working on a project to determine the most efficient routes for trash collection and mosquito spraying within my jurisdiction. I work in the fire service and have used my Network Analyst extension to create service areas based on response time criteria and also closest facilities in regards to fire station locations.  We have one public works facility that all trash collection and mosquito spraying operations are dispatched from.  So, how can I develop the most efficient routes that would break the city street network into equal areas that could be serviced Monday through Friday?  I'm guessing that zones could be created and then each zone could be analyzed for the most efficent routing for each zone.  I would also hope that the map could display the driving path that the operators should take to improve operation time and save fuel.  Can this be done?  If so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cary Sadler, Fire Marshal
Madison Fire and Rescue
Madison, AL